Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dude, like, welcome to Camp Half Blood!

Hey dudes, I'm Travis Stoll, and this is my brother Connor Stoll!

Hey dudes, whats sup? You may know my brother, the dweeb.

Dont listen to him, he's just jealous cause our dad, Hermes, likes me more.

Why you little *throws firework down shirt*

Dude, you know your pranks dont work on me, I taught you them!

Good point. I'll let you speak now!

Finally! Ok, so here at Camp Half Blood, we have camper. Not regular campers! Oh no! Our campers are Demi-Gods. A Demi-God is a mix between a mortal and a god. Our God Parent is Hermes, god of travel. Wanna know YOUR PARENT?

Now I'll let the Head Counsler speak.

Thank you Mr. Stoll. I am Chiron, head of Camp Half Blood. Yes, you may see that I am a centaur (Which is why I teach archery!) You are not allowed to leave camp unless you have A. Permission, or field-trip or B. On a quest from the Oracle.
When your God Parent is revealed, you shall be put in that cabin.
You will be very dizzy after your Parent is revealed (Gods give off a strong aroma), so we shall give you a code name. You shall need to tell us your birthday, place of birth, father and or mother, favorite food, favorite drink, favorite place, favorite form of transport, what you are best at, what you are worst at, friends, and enemies. Thank you.

Now, I have to inspect the cabins, many new campers are arriving!

*Note: You can only join if you read Percy Jackson


  1. I WANNA JOIN!!!!

    Also, you know about other books Rick Riordan wrote? Yeah, 39 Clues 1 Maze of Bones and he came out with book 1 of a new series yesterday, The Kane Chronicles 1 The Red Pyramid. I hear from fans that its better then PJ!

    I know.


  2. Name: Pheobia
    Godly Parent: Nyx Goddess of Night
    Code Name: Moon
    Favorite Food: Popcorn
    Drink: Water and "Boat Nectar."
    Favorite Place: Anywhere in Europe
    Transport: White Motercycle
    Best At: Any type of fighting
    Worst at: The "Sissy" stuff
    Friends and Enemies: Remaining Unknown for Security Reasons

  3. Name: Sam
    Godly Parent: Unknown, the gods are bickering over me
    Code Name: Sam
    Favorite Food: Rice
    Drink: Water
    Favorite Place: Ca
    Transport: fly, shadow traveling, and swimming
    Best At: Any type of fighting
    Worst at: keeping anger down
    Friends and Enemies: unknows

  4. Name: Kestrel
    Godly Parent: Unknown, but joined the huntresses of Artemis at age 10
    Code name: Liesel, the Killer Weasel
    Favorite Food: Pasta
    Favorite Drink: Lemonade
    Favorite Place: Kentucky
    Transport: silver stag, fast runner and can brachiate
    Best At: sneaking, climbing trees
    Worst At: hand to hand combat (I can only shoot bow/arrows)
    Friends and Enemies: friends - those who are friends of the forest. enemies - those who oppose Artemis

  5. Name: Kieran
    Godly Parent: Posideon (but obsessed with Lightning)
    Code Name: SirSebastian McMeow
    Favorite Food: PIE
    Favorite Drink: WATER FTW!!!!
    Favorite Place: CALI FTW!
    Transport: A white tiger (kestrel say nothing)
    Best at: Sneaking Swimming
    Worst at: Anything in the desert, Anything high up (scared of heights)
    Friends and Enemies

  6. Name:Elizabeth
    Godly Parent:Apollo
    Code Name:Rose
    Favorite Food:Italien food
    Favorite Drink:Coffee
    Favorite Place:Anywhere in the foods or country
    Best At:Archery,running fast,out smarting
    Worst At:Staying calm
    Friends and Enemies:I don't know yet

  7. name:Hannah
    fav food: donuts(glazed please!)
    fav drink: milk or mint tea
    fav place: ocean
    transport: horse or running/walking
    best at: pondering, drawing, reading
    worst at: dealing with bouncy people
    friends:in high places? not many. a bunch of mortals and dogs. lots of dogs.
    enemies: people who are very bouncy/extroverted/ clarrise