Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome, Moon!

We have a new camper, Moon!
She will be staying in the Nyx Cabin 17.
You young boys, dont look at her, like her mother, her appearence is very hard to look at (Not by Uglyness or by Beauty, but by sheer terror.)

Moon, here is your schedule for Monday. You will later recieve the rest, but for now, learn well!

08:00-09:00 Breakfast and
cabin inspection
09:00-10:30 Ancient Greek
10:30-11:00 Lunch preparation
10:00-1200: Archery
12:00-12-30: Greek Mythology
12:30-13:30: Lunch
13:30-15-30: Weapon-making
15:30-17:00: Letters home
17:00-18:00: Free time
18:00-19:00: Dinner
19:00-21:00: Volleyball league
21:00- 22:00 Campfire singalong

If you have any questions, ask Travis or Connor, or any other Cabin Head Counsler.


  1. When Moon woke up, she groggily went to breakfeast. After getting her bacon, and vegetarian omelette,and offering a bit to her mother she sat down,and began to ate.

    One of the Ares girls, walked past her, and spilt milk on her.

    "Oops." she giggled sarcastically. That then set Moon's temper off. She clenched her fist stood up, with all eyes staring at her. She loomed over the girl, and the girl just stared back, trying not to shake, but failed horribly. Hoisting the girl by her hair, she dragged the girl outside. Screams start to be heard, and then it quiets, by a force almost. All eyes on her again, Moon, casually walked to her place, and sat down. Soon chatter arose again. Taking a bite of her omelette, she smiled to herself.

    Because no one, EVER messes with Pheobia

  2. My name is Skylar. I guess you can say I shorten it to Skye.
    I am twelve years old, my dad having died and my mother unknown for a long time, before one of my friends helped me track down my history, and I found out my mom's name was Athena, after a greek goddess of wisdom. I tried to track her down, but it seemed as if she had dropped off of the face of the earth! Then I did some research of Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom and battle. Then I had a crazy thought enter my head; What if my mom was the great goddess? I did like to read a lot, (Though I was a novice at weaving and kinda... liked spiders) But then I noticed the part in greek myths were they had... affairs... with mortals and reproduced beings half human, half god, referred to most by a demigod. Then I realized, it had to be. Why else would I like reading? Why else would my mom seem too never exist? Why else?
    I began looking for help immediately, someone to turn too. My friend thought I went insane, truly. He ditched me, and I was all alone. Then I went for a stroll in New York, the place I was born, and noticed a few giggling girls my age or older hanging by a creek, wearing orange T-shirts. In greek font printed was: Camp Half Blood.
    That's when I remembered that half blood could mean demigod, too. So I looked around the area for about an hour before I noticed a camp that had twelve cabins in a U shape. There was a strawberry field, a pavillion, a forest, and other greek-themed buildings.
    I entered the camp, and right away, more people in the orange T-Shirts were dumbfounded. I heard things like, "How'd she cross the boundary?" and things like that. I found the camp manager, a dude in a wheelchair, who said, "We've found another! More like, another has found us."
    I asked them about it, and they told me everything. I told them the coincidence about my mom being called Athena, and I guess that's how I'm here, filling out this form. I'll fill the requirements, but also fill out other things, too.

    Name: Skylar/Skye Hawkins
    Parent: Athena, very likely
    Code Name: Please, just call me Skye
    Birthday: July 21, around 12 and a half
    Birth Place: Like I said, New York
    Mom and Dad: Athena and Christopher Hawkins
    Favorite Food: Orange Chicken (Yes, the chinese kind, dummies)
    Favorite Drink: Root beer
    Favorite Place: I haven't really been outside New York, but I would like to see London. If you mean like store kind of things, then a good library
    Favorite form of Transport: I would like to ride on a motercycle
    Best at: Reading, Smart-alecking, fighting (I've seen people fight at that arena, I think I can take most down no prob.)
    Worst at: Weaving (Gasp), almost any girly thing
    Friends and Enemies: I have no friends nor enemies, but I expect I'll make a lot of both over the next few years
    Look like: Short black hair, grey eyes (I thought it was a light, light blue until I noticed the grayness a few years back), wears a black hoodie

    That is me, Skye Hawkins, Daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle stratagy

    (Sorry if I annoyed you with the story, but I thought it was neccissary)

  3. Name: Mason
    Place of Birth:London, England
    God Parent: Zeus
    Code Name: Snot Boy
    Favorite food: Hot Dog
    Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
    Favorite Place: London
    Favorite Form of Travel: Private Jet
    Best at: Controling other people
    Worst at: Excepting Defeat
    Weaknesses: Horrible Allergies
    Friends: None
    Enemies: People who oppose my Power

    Well thats Mason

  4. Yo troublemaker, is this place still goin'?

  5. Hello im kindave new here so hello!!!